Drug – Alcohol Rehab Program

The Narconon, drug alcohol rehab Program, is a long-term, non-traditional, social-education model. We are a drug-free program that combines a unique, highly-effective detoxification method with life skills training that result in someone actually now able to live a life that is free from drugs.

Narconon provides a wide variety of locations in the U.S. and internationally with varying amenities, however each center delivers the same fundamental program steps to specific standards. Depending on the individual and their circumstances we will recommend one of our residential facilities or out-patient programs. In some cases we might recommend other resources for the individuals needs.

What We Are Not

Not a 12-Step Program.  Though this has been the standard in the industry for many years and has been effective, by its own statistics the retention rate is less than half after the first meeting. It also relies on the premise that once one is under the effect of a certain substance  they are powerless to overcome it and require continually admitting to this condition.

Not a Dual-Diagnosis Program. These programs are based on the disease theory of alcohol and drug addiction. They label the person with a substance abuse “disorder” along with one or more mental “disorders.”  They have to be administered under a medical model because of the risks associated with the side effects of the drugs prescribed under this methodology. Because the person is labeled as having a “disease” they are typically treated with medication for a considerable time. These “disorders” have no cure and there are no biological tests (such as blood tests, urine tests or MRI’s) to diagnose the “disorder.” Under this approach the symptoms of drug addiction are treated with other drugs.

Not a Drug Replacement Program. These programs fall under a harm-reduction model. That is, to reduce the harm associated with specific drug use to society. The most common example is to put someone addicted to Heroin onto Methadone. The interesting thing here is that this “solution” is often more physically detrimental, as is the case with Methadone which is more difficult to withdraw from than Heroin.