Narconon – Drug Rehab Results

It’s All About Results

Our drug rehab results speak for themselves. Below are statistics from people who have been through the Narconon drug rehab program.

7 out of 10 Narconon® Clients remain drug-free permanently!

Most Narconon Clients have tried 12-step programs in the past, but have been unable to stay off drugs. The Narconon program is for anyone with a drug or alcohol problem but has been effective for those who have problems with relapse. We specialize in long term drug addiction treatment and drug rehabilitation for cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, methadone, methamphetamine addiction and alcoholism.

Unlike programs such as Betty Ford and Hazelden, Narconon is a non-traditional treatment program. The Narconon drug rehabilitation program is the only program that, in over 70% of the cases, produces a permanent, verifiable solution to the problem of drug addiction and the personality changes it causes. Narconon offers the highest success rate for treatment of heroin addiction, crack cocaine addiction, amphetamine addiction, methadone and alcoholism.

Scientific and Research Studies of the Narconon Program

This page and the following links provide information on studies and professional evaluations that have been done on the Narconon program and it’s methodology. Of particular interest are the findings of L. Ron Hubbard’s detoxification program. View these studies and other research information on the Narconon Internation website by clicking here.